How the Journey Begins ….

I’m a food loving mom of a 4-year-old little kiddo, who used to be a cheeky eater during his first two years and still refusing some new food types which I would like him to taste.

He has been breast fed for the first few months and then been introduced to other solid food with the guidance of his paediatrician. First he has been given easily digestive fruit purees such as ripe Banana and Papaw. I didn’t struggle much as he started loving the new taste of the world, even though he refused the first few bits. As I’ve heard how other parents were talking about the nightmares with the feeding time of their babies I thought … ‘YAY!!!! I’m the luckiest mum in this universe’.

During our next meeting with the Paediatrician, I have been advised to feed him smashed red rice mixed with breast milk (which is called homemade rice cereal). We came home and I made his meal with loads and loads of love, then it came the feeding time. He took the first bit and blew it up in the air and gave me a look saying, ‘MUM … Why you want to ruin my taste buds?’. After a big struggle I managed to pop in the second bit which landed on my face. Same with the third, fourth and YES!!! He decided to taste it, and I was over the moon.

Then he has been introduced to other tastes with rice but just one new addition for couple of days. This has helped him to get used to the taste plus helped us to check whether he has any allergy reaction on any of the new additions. Having regular discussions with the Paediatrician and following her guidelines has helped me a lot to go through first few stages of feeding my little one.

I know most of you are struggling as I was, therefore I thought of sharing my experience and the yummy recipes that I made for my little cheeky eater, along with all other Kids Recipes I tested and tasted . I’m an average mum and not a Nutritionist or a Health Adviser, therefore please consult your health adviser/ Paediatrician for any concerns 🙂 .