Broken Eggs …..

Even though there is no recipe attached to this blog post I thought of sharing this with you … as I believe you too must be having similar experience with your little kiddos. This is one of the sweetest incident that happened to me ….. Where I was little bit frustrated at the beginning which then converted it to a big laugh when I shared the story with my husband and thinking about it still makes my eyes wet.

It was quite a busy day for me as I was supposed to keep a birthday cake ready on short notice for one of my regular clients on the next day. As I was busy making all edible decorations for the cake I asked my husband to do the groceries that I need to make the cake. Even though he was in a hurry he did the groceries for me and left for work. It was really too late when I realized that he has missed to buy EGGS!!!! I was literally crying for EGGS and shouted myself out saying ‘Oh dear … where are the Eggs???’

As soon as my little fella (4 yr old) heard me, he came running into the kitchen asking ‘Mum, is everything ok?’ …. As I was running to the room for my mobile to call my husband I told my son ‘Dad has forgotten to buy the Eggs’. Then I heard him saying ‘I will check it in the fridge’, but as I was trying to reach my husband over the phone I really didn’t pay much attention to what he said. My husband’s mobile was switched off and I was really miserable about the situation. As there were about 3 – 4 Eggs in the fridge, I thought ok let me at least make one layer of the cake for the time being.

When I came back to the kitchen, the fridge door was open and my little one was near the bin with the dust pan and the brush in his hands ….. I was little surprised about him holding the dust pan and the brush!! So I asked him what happened but he didn’t tell anything. Then I saw the egg cartoon on the floor near the fridge, which was empty and then I went and opened the bin where I saw 4 cracked Eggs in that. So it didn’t take much longer for me to realize what has really happened 🙂 . I asked him again ‘What happened? Did you drop the Eggs?’ He answered with a crying voice and said ‘Yes, and sorry for cracking the Eggs’.

I was in really a frustrated situation, but I knew passing my frustration on my son by shouting at him, will make him feel bad. So I asked him nicely ‘Why did you take the Eggs out from the fridge?’ the answer he gave me made my heart melted, he said ‘I wanted to show you that there are 4 Eggs, I wanted to help you’. Even though I didn’t shout at him, I advised him that if he touch Eggs again he should be very careful as the Eggs are Fragile.

The decision I made not to pass my frustration on him, made me feel so happy. Because I knew that I didn’t hurt my son’s feelings and in future he will have no doubt on helping me again with my work, as he usually does.

The Broken Eggs can be replaced …. But a Broken Heart can never be replaced!!!!

You must be having similar experiences …. Share you experience your thoughts with me if you like ….. I love to hear ….

With Love